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Northeast Biofuels (NEB) is a cluster of companies and organisations committed to the development of a sustainable biofuels ISP industry in North East England. Formed in 2002 as a supply chain cluster to support the future development of a Biodiesel industry in the region, the membership has grown to encompass Bioethanol production and the promotion of the Biorefinery concept.

Northeast Biofuels members share the common aims of:

  • Promoting commercial and economic growth in the business of biofuels
  • Building an industrial cluster which helps to improve business practices and efficiency and stimulates effective supply chains from ‘field to tank’
  • Establishing a centre of expertise and competency in biofuels within the North East region

Note from the Chairman

Dermot RoddyThese are challenging times for the European biofuels industry. On the one hand, the need for urgent action to tackle climate change and to address the finite nature of fossil fuels is becoming ever more apparent by the day.

On the other hand, the European biodiesel industry has seen hard times not helped by public policy changes, prospective investors are struggling to read the runes on the debate about how to deliver both food and fuel, and governments ponder the subtleties of Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC).

A clear message arising from all of this is that we need to develop ways of using the whole crop and diversify the feedstock base - and do this by building on the successful investments and associated infrastructure developments to date.

NEB is central to the development of this new industry in the region. It is a key partner in delivering the Regional Strategy for Transport Biofuels, and is actively seeking new members from the North East and beyond who can help deliver this vision. Join us in developing this new industry..

Professor Dermot Roddy
Chairman, Northeast Biofuels


Northeast Biofuels, c/o NEPIC, Room H224, Wilton Centre, Wilton, Redcar, TS10 4RF | F +44 (0) 1642 442 561